The relationship between the universe and “I”

Am I created by God?

Another question arises in this nebulous existence. What position do humans hold in this endless expanse of time and space? The universe is so large, with the heaven above, the earth below. Surrounded by myriad phenomena, we live and die, do good and evil deeds. But what is our status in this universe after all? What attitude should we assume? If you are the parents of a family, you should bear parental responsibilities. Apprentices must adopt an attitude consistent with their position of apprentices. According to some religions, we are created in the universe. God creates every entity in the universe, every bird, every beast, every blade of grass, every shrub and jungle, every breed, genus and species. He rules and governs as supreme authority over his creation. Since the human belongs to God we are his servant. Thus we call God our “Lord”, and ourselves, “his servant”. Therefore, these religions view of life is one of a master-servant relationship. The human is the servant of the God. We have to be faithful to God and to do the will of God.

A master orders the servants to scrub the floor before cooking the meal. If they should first cook the meal and scrub the floor later, although they do their job well, they would still be in the wrong. This is because they disobey the command of the master. There are two relationships that exist in this universe, that is, the relationship between the creative God and the human, and that with all his creatures. The God empowers the human to rule and control the other creatures by the authority of the God of the creation. Thus, in front of the God, the position of the human is utterly dependent. However, in comparison to the other creatures, we are full of authority and pompous presumption. If we exclude the God, the concepts of these religions become entirely devoid of meaning. They might have seemed logical at the time of dawning civilization. However, we should re-evaluate this concept in this modern time.

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